Did you ever think about doing something a little different
That’s what I’m about to do, forget about the mundane, the normal routine
Grab myself a few, drink in the bath while I think about navigating my craft
Not that different after all, not quite so daft
Different enough though, I don’t think I’m an ordinary joe
I just can’t simply go with the flow
Even if only three people pay a visit to my website, my head is way up there in the clouds, imagining every man and his wife reads my stuff
Sees that I am in fact using this poetry for a crutch ’til such time as the rhyme goes about getting it right
Then I stop, find something else to do, something more enlightening
This isn’t enlightening, it’s bloody frightening, too much like hard work with no guarantee of a pay-check at the end of the day
I know what they say, here’s a cliche writer going nowhere
And they might be right
I may just get the fright of my life when I turn eighty
Realise I’ve wasted all of my time on something that only turns sublime as soon as you make it
I like listening to music but I don’t know enough about the stuff, I play football but so does my next door neighbour
Who’s far better, Messi-esque, something of a trend setter
We’ll have to wait and see
I had my stint, time to let it be
This is the thing, what is it I need to do to turn this into a fruitful pursuit
Write even weirder, be a fire breather when it comes to causing a stir, a poem that makes the all too proverbial cat purr
I don’t know