Stark, no doubting that
I really do wish I could take all of it back
One thread unraveled at a peculiar time

Cool your jets! Is there any such room for any kind of regret here!?

Even what was pristine – just the gleam seems to have lost its particular shade
What was once a lavish parade now need remain for me no more, no less than a solid and shut tight door
Utterly abhorred findings, always winding themselves down the wrong path altogether
Weather-beaten memories, daft inadequacies
Fallacy, goddammit… fallacy!!
Second to some but mainly none

But those eyes… surely you will need to see them again!

To hell with it!! Sure haven’t I got my pen?
Fickle perhaps, yet far more capable when it comes to the meager matter of removing me from any such cumbersome pickle

True, but way I see it you’re absolutely right on one thing and you can quote me on this… you are indeed one fickle sonuvabitch!!!