Do it because it must be done
Not to sound anyone out but rather wrap them in relatively enticing soundbite
‘Cos I might have just got it wrong, seems not everyone’s for everyone
Bloody delicacy a downright utter necessity in a few too many oh so fragile cases
At least this always gets to be one such place where I can sit it out and wax absolute lyrical
Of course, there will still be a few too many of you who opt entirely upon placating yourselves to that wire fencing
On the cliche fence at a time is just fine by me
Feel free to electrocute yourself in other less creative ways
Yes, Siree!
I just wish that all of you hardcore readers out there understood that it isn’t all relative by the end, really
Some of these stories oh so fictional and atop that admittance in far more ways
I may well be one such dog with a bone but I sure as hell don’t want to chew the life right from it
Not yet anyway
Seems some will pay far more than others
Only ever in a mental manner, of course

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