Amiable, she sits, aware and utterly awoke- now, how’s about taking that appointed mind for an outrageous stretch across copious landscape… whilst simultaneously attempting to infiltrate a certain-most level of eagle-eyed proprietorship aside over-enthused lyrical verbatim.

A gloriously rambunctious amalgamation of skilled determination aside outright unsightly plight- herein one piano player will recite… at a pace of purely professional endeavour

… antagonised and in a most silently sensational manner… of speaking.

And, so suddenly soon .. She stands
To the marvellously magnified attention of one equally over-enthused
Audience member.

Utterly Entrusted and, all awhile, instantaneously remembering..
To set fire to The 3rd bar – there they all were..

Necking ((enough)) champagne liquor cocktail shots to make them feel… ..


Lusciously lopsided and about to set fire…

To a Life: Lived, loved & set to promisingly remain

Contrarily brilliant again

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