They’ve acted ironclad and iron cast and above it all actually and then it’s been about

Gathering the enthusiasm to enter wherever they’ve been a thousand and one nights before— these

Ridiculed people of discerning intellect. It’s improper to have waited and watched
As we fail at feeling anything at all anymore, except for

The emotion with its own OcEaN of stagnant miraculousnessWHICH was, and what does that thing even mean

… it means :: that we have raised our eyebrows to the extended sky and lassoed ourselves to a TenThousandth star – “where we all were.. when they did the same thing to ten thousand different people.” Heroes without the cape yet, stILL, Able

To fly inside of their honorary Minds. Imagine T-H-A-T!! Imagine surviving the utterly unsurvivable
And smiling anyway