Born brazen-fazed and none-too-beneficially within this left-century penitentiary – all dance and no real gain, tremendously wriggling to substantiate ’til they manage to make to create to repeat and replicate a deafening difference to the outer reaches

Of these decidedly deathly pressed indifferent people with florescent adolescence still peppering the inner-workings of their paramilitary eyes yet, why, oh why, must they turn the other unenlightened cheek and speak midst mere hardening, garnisheeing syllables
Torch the flame and fold away their listening ear yet again, prey-pretend til all-ends sinfully enveloped to post back home to their inner-preaching circle
All of these white-people-lies detrimentally tangled up inside ’til advantageously upset again til layabout perishing unknowingly within these bountiful bouts of all-clout aside made-up, non-judgemental degrees of dreadfully digressing noisiness
Unnecessarily reconfigured and riotously re-congested ’til miserly constricting the better, lesser, few people who notably knew of
The demonstratively suggested hard-graft, hard craft, entirely West Side Story repugnance dutifully designed for daft delinquency and my, oh my, by the cut of the rough Manhattanite diamante eye – they shall Lenny & Jerry arrive to arise by the gild of that tap-tap, eagle-eyed glide.
Both doted and adored. For the rest of…the test of time.