Must gain our burgeoning trust
Just must make mammoth sense again- sizeably drenched in all of this wistful, wishful thinking

To breathe upright and perfectly perched improperly- like she forever dreamed of being
Once upon a long lost time ago

Go now, and simply let it be
This opportune thing

Footloose and fanciful f-r-e-e,
Wherein these demonic demons breathe no less intensified

Albeit creatively inclined
To only ever boost and to reintroduce themselves

To inescapably re-enter her blatantly reawakened nature

This problematically bestial venture guided either way forth-forward by the bellowing and twisted aside mellowed light

Knife-edge pledged unmitigated allegiance to the agonised cause of one such strifetime

This fixture-list has been killing her- bleeding, crawling knees, lost it all indeed
And she attempts to take treacherously inept heed and to feed right by the underdog’s sullenly suggestive demise

Open these tired eyes- widely, wisely, please
And simply let it all be


Albeit… ‘fraid to vacate and to sadly, sorrowfully say, too little too late

These pretty years, these fallen tears, have stolen away an important piece of everything- brilliance relinquished and she feels it, feeds it all…

At breakneck speed tumulted onto unawares she

Breathes none too easily

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