Silent times and a most eerily quite case of disinterested pleasure- as all of the words and wound up artistic endeavours attempt to

Sit and settle themselves

To a Loud MoUtHeD whimper- or, rather. Endlessly searching for themselves inside YET AGAIN of her descriptively adjustable head!!

Where to ever go with this intrepidly SuGGeStIve endeavour next, though? Maybe right back to the beginning… wherein- obvious sense MANAGES TO MAKE absolutely nonsensical sense of


To endlessly divulge and seclude is to abruptly intrude… upon his very own singular moments of laugh out LOW PROcrastination

The dance of the utensil between their fighting FIT and smitten/BITTEN fingernails appears to have been: a DUTIFUL AND ESTRANGEMENT thing, cloaked-andDAGGERED in invisible disdain & ALL OTHER suitably suggestive things.

Wishing to drain the pedantic PAIN d-r-y AND

To valiantly Stain-both-STRAIN: the insides of one such SINGular reader’s ToRpEdO-like Brain.

Til permitted to b-r-e-a-t-h-e AGAIN