14 Problematic in one wrought-iron use of a conscientiously contemptuous word – the sought-after “Reprobate” with all of the lifelong skills set to peel a million worldwide eyes wider than ever wholly anticipated

13 And the masterful manipulation inevitably-fair-finally states to make for congruently suppressed playthings – them-there richkids with their catapulted minds put upon the million-dollar prize to match the sordid weight of the thickening insanity which pesters their paralysed brain

12 Perfectly saturated people with more money than sense
Until, that is…

11 Salutary aside wraparound quick-smart overindulgence starts to place their heart-of-hearts back together again and said pennies fall from all kinds of heights and from all kinds of marvellously abstract angles…

10 Agile happenings

9 Namely when hopscotch Art manages to financially matter like never known before, nor has it ever even been seen…

8 All of these posh-nosed, penny-driven, silly little stuck-up-their-own-ass people wandering willy-nilly about while they drive their forever Bentleys via-in-and-around…

7 New York City’s finest ficklemost avenues… hard-sought, fought for rather, in their very own honey-spattered-in-gilded-gold right

6 Picket-white fences… to fence them in, please

5 To guide their lying little monstrously unsettled eyes – whilst all awhile, all of her meandering art sordidly creeps its way inner-within-beneath-between: these four uprooting, uproarious and judicially, abhorrently asphyxiated walls

4 Cornered them in, she did indeed

3 Supposed to have been that way from here to eternity, only ever of course

2 When the feeders are fed – nothing but for being pried right outside of their picket-white lines (lies)

1 When we create what they will forever fail to escape – Yes, this is going to go wraparound global before they get to know it… dances disheveled amidst their hopscotch, stop-start hearts for artistic survival

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