Went to the shop for some milk
& came upon a red car
With two rods leaning against
The passenger seat
As well as two blonde wigs of curls
Didn’t know what the men
Inside the shop were doing
Did they want to be fishermen or girls?
When they came out
I asked them
Were they going fishing
The fat fella agreed
& smiled hard
Something was definitely missing
We’re off to Inchydoney
To catch a whole load of pike
He turned to the far more slender fella
Ain’t that right, Johnny?
Johnny nodded his head
Opened the door
Got in
From the looks of things
The pair were just out of bed
I waved them off
Smiled hard
Imagined what they were about
To get up to
Then I remembered
Him tell me
You can’t eat pike
So I Googled it
& it turns out you can
Now that’s what you call
Crazy, crazy men