It’s a trip and tumble-of-courage under-fire, a call to readied both steadied hands.. for this artist of oft-than-not ambivalent behaviour

To smoothly reinvest his primarily silent intent, and ALL via the intelligent intellect of right-OVER-rEaSoN, some times(!?)

As this abstract literary portrayal of his UTTERLY antagonised awareness WILL need to ReAwaken and remain.. a good, little, self-affirming endeavour

Of s-u-r-g-e-d words settled-down (yet again)… if only for a split-second of a bone-dry MomEnT, to portray these unpardonably ExPrEsSiVe pEoPle!

With Fists for Fingers and mirrored immediately back at themSELVES – as they shall (ALL OF THEM) readjust their highWorded minds..

to unearth and f-i-n-a-l-l-y find

Another such Scintillated sense of storyboarded signifiCANce.

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