We have actively achieved it as though, as if.. it were all this high minded and utterly wonderfully intelligent thing

Of whip smart AND quick thinking.. Verbatim, actually, and it seems to seek to wish to wisely WANT TO F-E-E-L

All a little less(MUCH MORE SO THAN E-V-E-R before, in-FACT)fantastically calming and soothing / at the highly restorative core of our HIGHLY RESTORATIVE beings

We have uttered NOT one word, indeed, as we f-e-e-d our cReAtiVe bRaInS at an aforeMENTIONED HIGHLY intelligible pACE —-

Having p-l-a-y-e-d these upside down games and came out FAR STRONGER((than never before))FOR IT(..) – whipsmART, in=DEED(!!)

We WILL see the NEED TO SeeThE AND b-R-e-A-t-H-e in equALLy abrUPt meaSUREment(..) What we did MEAN to have, AHEM.. meant to have done is

To take their fucksake collarbones IMMEDIATELY At The Middle and tWiSt It tO WitH-iN an AnGeReD i-n-c-h —-