Had to do it, one hell-sent both -bent and marvellously angular way or manner of sacro-thankful both-sanct mannerism

The playful both plagiarised decision had to have been simply suggested by another row of gathering, tip-to-toed dominos – namely, these vile and problematically perched black and white-faced people who fail to remarkably both markedly understand nor fully-fuksake-fathom

A thing of ten-thousand traversed souls – the ghostly host with the most so it seems to appear to indelibly be…

This specifically co-ordinated and procrastinating goal to uttermost attempt to riotously both rightfully relinquish all of our past poised demons, indeed …

It stings to the welterfelt core, so it does

No deed good nor decidedly great enough no-more, only but for…

Seems to be that anyone who can fight with their filler-lips pressed both stressed tightly against

The weight of the awaiting universe

Can cause all of the spontaneously combustive curses to start firing in a cylindrical demeanour at our cyclical mindset for sanguine survival – f-l-a-m-e

Blame, inhumane

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