His little face lights up the moment I show him the winning ticket
A trip overseas, far away albeit momentarily from his oh so harshened surrounding
He packs a bag, pounds the rip curl pavement ’til getting to fasten himself to a friend’s allocated seat
A drop of Brandy, perhaps?
Only so if he can somehow, anyhow, manage to make it as far as the other side of one mammoth structure
This particular ship’s peasants seemingly bolstered securely in place from Belfast to Southampton
‘Til… he catches a most beautiful and windswept face
For all of the wrong reasons, of course
So very pleasing on the eye he couldn’t but usurp himself rather perfectly
Go find himself another such world
And before we know it, they are strapped to the front of this particular ship, waving their tickets of hope to all and sundry
Screw the middle man, a pleasant dance between a peasant and a king’s lust-filled ‘chalice’
Hand-in-hand amongst the waves of time
Sublime and, then, the rest
Next, our Romeo – you’re damn right in more ways than one – charms her so far as to show a whitened buxom pert breast – perfect art right from the very start
About to all come crashing… thundering down
Brandy, no ice, please!
One ship oh so mesmerisingly, needless to say, surprisingly ill-equipped
And over just one such night our star struck pair were wiped right away before their story ever got properly told
Sure it got told but not the way, never, ever the way they might just have loved