That’s what he did
Flipped a coin
‘Til it made his decision for him
Some people got lucky
Some not so much
This whole process left one fella
Nursing a frown while hobbling about on a crutch
It’s what he did since he was fifteen
Just a kid really
But terribly steely
“You want a beer?”
The coin answered the question
Just the way it was
For big decisions, small suggestions
Funny thing to do
But all his mother ever had to say was
“That’s you”
There were soon a few who got a raw deal
Ended up eating their meal through a straw
Happened one time the coin told him to smash a fella’s jaw
If this reminds you of a movie then all I can say is
‘Cos it’s all about ‘No Country for Old Men’
Javier Bardem
Did well when he flipped his own coin in life
Ended up with Penelope Cruz for a wife