Her juvenile antics please me oh so greatly
Paramilitary by fixated nature – a natural-born, break-her-own-rules Greek tragedy
Mommy’s favourite vent-riloquist with fists for fingers and manicured to fall vanity fair imaginatively within a ‘million-man dream’
Is she really his Rosetta Stone moment, this time maybe, perhaps…
Stands naked and abruptly alone by a designated area, namely his sweet-tender-whisper of wishful nicotine, and suddenly she seems to see him again, all of him and preposterously so proposed full eye-scope
From derelict fiction to substantiated diction, he will whisper it from gently within the perturbed regions of failing reach
Which forever safeguard her life ’til knife-edge pledged curtly allegiance to unearth the correct man
Here he stands, filled with vigour equally naked and abruptly alone, until – they feel the inner ear-markings of the other cursed person
All for one and all of it welcomed inescapably toward their whole wide intergalactic worth, about to unequivocally interlope
Does tend toward hurting the most whenever you appear to invite yourself in from a whole other dimension – kiss the creator of this implemented, impish sentence, please… and let the scent feel reel
Wound up yet forever ready to recklessly explode
Flowers in the spring, she is something of a wild thing
From chaste to celebrated to poisonously promiscuous again
This is one of Ovid’s – a Roman-tic poetic entity of ferocious profligacy, which straddles the Golden and Silver Ages of Latin literature, the one who writes about love, seduction and mythological misinformation
His distaste to her complete taste – reaching for the corner pages of her heavenly face, flaw-filled, please
Ease him on in – dog-eared and neatly