I eat better when I sleep, drink faster when I think
Try and turn the whole damn thing one-eighty degrees
On. It’s. Head.
But HEY!! that’s just me…
Ready to step away from your crowd, just nobody likes indifference
Hellbent animosity – coaxed on into you, while I continue to soothe my soul a million miles a day
Flavoursome atop delightfully sumptuous, while you and yours get to chew nothin’ but the fair fat of these otherwise emptied lands
Think outside the box
Goddamnit!! turn that fu*king box to but a teensy dot, why won’t you!!?
No need for your kind, although they do say it is, in fact, you who acts as the road to my far-safer-in-a-roundabout-way sidewalk
I walk, soon we will get to walk all over you

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