Everything is rather manic, first they take your sizeable wits – leaving you to be the most nervous wreck there ever was
Your beautifully questionable whereabouts do go next, your each and every single living, breathing thing
Making it all appear crazy kinds of unnatural
Yet you do realise it, then so very much as don’t, just can’t
Slowly but oh so goddamn surely
Ferocious by any known accord, the most perilous it’s ever truly been
Wanting, longing, desperately searching for that wholehearted reprieve, unbelievably thieved away and in a sincerely unsettling instance
You tremble, your suddenly obsessive mind causing itself to delve to places no mind should ever let itself go – when you’re built for probable magic but forlorn tragedy tends to take it upon itself to haphazardly occur
Mind-boggling in a fiercesome word
And for an unfathomable amount of time, a crying shame that this particular harassment had to happen to only you
Few who truly knew the pain this destructive monster may have actually caused, soon as the rancid, venomously dripping jaws of OCD opened on up and began to drag you unmercifully asunder
The constant plunder agonisingly akin to a stinging thunder bolt sent from the high heavens right through your sunken brain – all wax, no fucking wane
And did you ever compain, absafuckinglutely you did!!