She will remain with me every other evening, when these waves opt entirely upon washing themselves right away and taking with them a piece of her lonesome art
I just don’t have the heart no-more
All in almighty remembrance, remind me again, when was it ever oh so very amazing
See, I’m relatively caught in a mind-boggling haze, trapped by my particularly dreaded and blue horizon mindset
Parading our carefree ability to lasso the whole wide moon with both our hands, dance oh so tempestuously atop
Both heaven and hell-sent
Please, try and quench these agonising freeze-frame memories at least to a rather correct extent if you will
She is just too hot to handle right on up inside of my frazzled head
Might need to step on off a little more, swallow a honeysuckle pill ’til falling away
Trust me, all of this never, ever so much as any kind of a probability
But God does seem to love a trier
And, who knows, I might just have to take him up on his word, reinvent myself completely ’til letting myself get to steal somebody else’s mid-evening show
Toe-to-manicured toe all over again
Pretty heads dug deep beneath the quicksand

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