One incredible girl who carried with her a lust for life to the utmost extent
Something of an otherworldly step above, perfectly perched
All too prepared to preciously glove together one intricate finger at a sumptuous time all of these precarious things indeed
Please, just give her the chance above all else to proudly, rather swiftly dance atop all of us whilst getting to sway her strawberry blonde hair
A ten thousand mile wide smile which could stitch you right back together
To masterfully delve a little or a lot deeper
Resolutely stick these fledgling, intrepid memories inside of your avid, devotedly just mind
Find any such surefire way to let these sophomore moments count, amount to almost everything
Literally heaven-sent in a manner of speaking
What is meant to be is meant to be
She sowed a most glorious seed in the very first instance and now she will need to know it
When we breathe she gets to breathe all over again
Remember when

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