A picture paints a thousand words, David Bailey – old and shrewd now – but he knew it
Annie Leibovitz, Robert Capa, pioneers wholly and completely dedicated to, immersed in their crart
And they knew it too
All about people in the first instance, a man who quite often came upon it all by happenstance, perhaps?
Then there’s a real love of objects, mind-altering colours, a much travailed mother with a $33 million portrait
Roaming her rooms, she made sure to take it all in, then came that mesmerising, moment-grabbing CLICKS!
A picture that manages to stick inside a million-and-one minds for a lifetime
In black and white, Capa photographed all of our heroes, Salvador Dali with his crazy ‘tache, a master-crafter who got it just right time and time again
A sleight of hand that can bring about an equal degree of complimentary shouts from you people would be just great
Seems to be in this game it’s never too late

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