Careless whisper imbedded near my comfortably tethered ear

Incestuous with your lip-stick ribboned cigarette, all of the boys ask to stay awhile, while beating themselves silly and to the burning bones of their brazen beings
This needn’t even be happening, yet. it. is.

All kinds of interpreted by kaleidoscopic crazy – when will you ever leave this bohemian-driven thing, all of it, flabbergasted and alone
That elongated hipster dress – tighter than a most inspecting rifled by unsuspecting eye
I do realise that your remarkable need to turn a living, feeling story upon its misshapen ass appears to be your charming everything
Forever disgustingly, disgrunting-ly derogatory albeit tagged by affable and haplessly miraculous – lazy and lying alone with your inspired knees at preparatory, predatory ease

While the whole of the circulatory sun caresses itself midst being dipped deep within a crowd of paralytic people

Easy upon the high-wired eye but my, oh my, how you hit me from the hip and strip me of my avoided emotions all over again

You’re remote and I’m forever controlled

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