The boy sits and watches his world ramble on in – it has simply taken time, a fair while to make some sort of sense again

These instances have caused a ludicrous level of dishevelment and the moment for it to all amount will have to be now

Eager and utterly unaccustomed, to slow the pace
To make molehills from mountains again – bewilderment and unnatural mishap shall tend to upsetting the apple-cart
A mess of a person and completely crying out for entertaining purposes and holds his very own mind up against a prison-sentence

Of ridiculous kinds
Attired, heavily and handsomely – shoes, socks, underwear, trousers
All ironed and set safely to one side
A loose tie, the tight-fitting shirt
And a blazer to set the men from these boys

Still recklessly interwoven, a way with wandering words
On something of a deathly deal with his devil – peculiar, particular and outright vilifying

He stares up at the sun, blinking, attempting to think for one first time – he really ought to make it mean something
Something quite fantastical, a whereabouts admittance to begin to enjoy all of these meandering things

Imperfect, no doubt about it and forever looking, craving, to make up a hidden difference within

Here stands a flabbergasted friend who has come to exhaust himself in trying, vying, to pull him away from what is direly set inside