Untimely gatherings of early arisings: mislaid hysteria battles amidst that of an unfathomably drunk both alarmingly sober piano-player, who earns the thrust both trust of an instrumentally significant frame. With the wrought-iron weight of their each and every very next argumentative day … pending-both-pressing gently against The length-both-breadth of her finger-led page. Yes, there is a pair of them-there in this momentarily magnificent albeit decidedly trying thing…

Which sits silently astride namely, that of a grand and disarming, preciously implemented block of stone-cold resilience … timbered both timbre-faced ’til beneficially brought back to riotous life: By Him both Her

Insistently wearing their favoured best nerve-strings: To sentimentally both sizeably sing it so very excellently well

And bodaciously Back to belonging again


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