Feeling all of the things people said I should feel
The wind in my hair
Sound of the underground
The birds tweet high on up in the trees
Bit wishy-washy
But I needed to get there
Less about the moan
More about a good night out
With a few of my own
About taking the good with the bad
Seeing everything for what it is
Seems the last twenty years
Passed me by in something of a frenzied whiz
Still smoking
Still choking
But getting there
Able to sit and write some poetry in my brother’s chair
Avoid the despair
The rhyme still works
Doesn’t seem to want to go away
At least that’s what I think
All I can do is pray on that front
Today’s a rotten day
Not inside of my head
Slept off my hangover
Twelve hours in bed
Didn’t wake up worrying
About this and that
Threw on my laptop
Got listening to Pat
From The Hard Ground
There’s a sound
To take you through the day
Ta for that PatSo there you have it
Here I sit
Listening and writing away
Going with the flow
Lapping up each and everything
But not too hard
To let the day soak itself away