When we came to watch him breathe some brand new life back on through these rather narrow existences of ours
Brought with him his one soul dream, to softly kill the messenger, yet caress this note of utter individuality, in actuality he is, perhaps, as natural as they do come
All sorts of manic, an acidic snake tongue to separate the lacklustre people from these falser than pretty little preachers with over-embellished wings deceitfully painted upon – each to their homegrown own, of course
Pushed ’til prone to bouts of replicated brilliance
He will try and smile when he appears to be agonisingly sad, glad to stand all too jovial, to proudly portray a relative bohemian state, rapturously await your undeniable round-of-applause – jibber jabber jaws thawed to within a frightfully excitable inch of his soliloquy being
Wholeheartedly differentiate between who’s being deceptively mean, who he will need to entice ’til keeping painstakingly keen
When the shoe fell to land upon the other foot and they knew exactly what they were letting themselves in for – no more secrets kept
Oh how each one of them wept ’til stretched far too far altogether