What if we apologised with our
unapologetic minds – beautifully bonded at the breaking of the bind? And what if we were to’ve taken ourselves through to you with this desire that FIRES (with) ITS OWN HEARTSTRINGS? And

“What if we were to’ve slept silently inside of sarcastic and highly led-astray minds anyway?” Would they really rather MUCH MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE (before) to do these other impossible things with themselves and to

Venture-out on their very own anyway? We’ve seriously tired the insides of our antagonised minds ANYHOW (And any HOW that we can)… … and we’ve even been to see – “utterly ******* upside-down humanity and with our aforementioned bOggLe-bAthEd minds again

Trying to truly understand utter ******* dedication to the paused cause, please.” We’ve
Sneaked around inside of ourselves and made mounds of nonsensical shit of ourselves times a mother ******* thousand sands… and ever SINce the AgE-of-eLeVeN caused us all to delve deeply “please”.

It’s time for the people of radicalised inundations INSIDE OF THEIR DOSTOYEVSKIAN MINDS to catch the flight-of-L!GHT inside of their reach-out-LOUD and necessarily aware heads anyway… and decide for themselves —

But “WHY(??)”did they ever even need to necessarily delve INSIDE OF A CUTTHROAT PICTURE-FRAME