The silent sitter – irregular and plagiarised

A hidden thing of unfledged dreams
The hard-nut with nowhere else to go but


Unsavoury, deadlocked ground – especially uncomfortable and utterly mesmerised : by. this. unshakeably. unmitigated. disaster.

Her mind has been crying

Her paralysed moments in time have been irreparably, unpardonably destroyed

By uneasy and none of it seems to make any kind of secondary sense whatsoever

Held her balancing breath and for far too long – to ponder was perhaps… to fondle and lose it all?

A mismatched, pitiful legacy pledges agonised allegiance : to twist and churn this accustomed knife which carries with it this nauseatingly invisible bloody

To silhouette brace herself and to upsettingly bid a fond farewell
To a distant life – all of it all kinds of unkindly she has forever failed at s-h-i-n-i-n-g

Her dreams but a whispered whimper and we feel it every other day – sorry to say it seems she’s been taken away from here, there, everywhere