Their time was taking its own sense of DETERmined awareness, their epic StateOf+nature away on a surefire, somewhat HOSTILIZED whim. When.. it is/n’t easy to understand that

They all came from e-x-a-c-t-l-y the, Ahem… UNsame placesActually. “Even if it is… PARTicularly beyond their 10percent braun-of-Brain-dEraNgemenT, we still WILL seek to ==>>> IN~voluntarily Address their skilled Coping_MechanISMS(..)” and act as if(!!) utterly engrossed

By everyoneElse : and their egoless sense of utterEGOTISM, actually. “It’s.. Pepsi and CokeOkay: probably a ten~tiered thing of TwisTed inebriation only minUS the beer TO STEER THEM crystal~clEAR….”
Yeah, they do seem to scram about the place and SCREAM IT.. somewhat sErenElY, even if::

“There IS a ghost in their throat and HOPE never felt so ridiculously remote(!!)”