We were in a hole but nothing ever stopped him from fighting his way through enough heartbreak to deflate a billion lesser men
A smile when his insides begged his each ‘n’ every being to fall apart
Eventually collide aside one big saber-toothed heap – namely me
I would weep inside of his husky arms every single night, utterly unable to do anything else
He, my prince, I, his beautiful albeit petrified bride
Too far gone to ever really get to steal the day all over again
I did dream of rewinding those fearsome tides of change
I had my shoe collection/he his courageous pen
Shielding us only so much from the pain that filtered right through every aspect of our drained existence
One chance, please!
Tease it on out of us, let us go again
Ooh, I see a pretty penny, marbled and stoic
One more of those and he will get to meaningfully – if only for a moment – dispose of our car, our house, all of our goddamn belongings
At the very end was I really that wrong to befriend the debt collector!?