All up in the air, just the way it needs to be
Fleeting degrees of freeze-frame anxiety, nearly but not quiet enough to take him on down again – unsavoury grounds and an all too corruptible mental rest
Able to remind himself as to just how far he has managed to come but to never so much as allow that same carefree self press any kind of a rewind – dangerous and rip-roaring resolute
Find that game-changer, a real reason to bring things on up to the very next level
And remain that way for all of an instance all it ever gets to be
On a par and far, far more
Mistakes of the course a little or a lot more allowed than before now
Relative street smarts plied fair wittily alongside this seriously cushioned art of his – when was it again exactly that they decided to take it upon themselves to listen!?
Still are… Some place, any place, really

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