Not a huge fan of the games
As smart as I may consider myself to be
All that they do is go about wrecking my head
Have me up all night ruminating in bed
This is what I said
Come over to my house for the weekend
A place where a little time we can spend
Have a drink or two – ten
But she was having none of it
Texted a few times with words of no real meaning
Which made me curse, use far stronger expletives than ‘shit’
How to find a girl on the same wavelength as you
While it can be said that there have been quite a few
I ain’t getting any younger
Don’t get me wrong
Not that I’m fretting
Know what, maybe she just doesn’t like me, doesn’t like the happy-go-lucky attitude
Face plastered with glee
Maybe, just maybe she needs the controversy
That’s her decision to make, but I’m left not knowing what I did
To be honest I really don’t have a clue
Neither do some of my closest friends
Tell me this, give me some kind of chance, do you?