We’d been attempting to draaaaag —- our non responsive souls thru the muchness of mucky ol’ mUcK enough ((untouchable)) times now

— to make idiots seem like they’ve been doing it for a price of utterly fr€€n€$$ actually.
“We’ve been altering the way we think whilst also being..
These SimultaneousPeople of earthShAttERinGinDIFFERENCE; often sometimes(!!) submerged in

LukeWARMsources ofSensibleANDsenseless S******.” Even if they might not seem to feel it they need to commonly TREAD WATER and pretend that theirState of SubstantialIREamidstTheir… paused personality of Pretence IS(..) for a reason.

To be
These equalMindedPeople of re-emergingEarth and utterly a-c-t-i-n-g:: “outrageously FANtastic, actually.”

“We do seem to see them, even if: their (maladjusted-)minds of pUlsAtiNg hecticity have been racing and cAlcUlaTinG… Abstractedly

Against themselves::: AlL oF tHe wroNg AnD irREGULAR pACE of THINGS(!!)” Maybe they ARE brave.. andSimultaneously saving face

And Maybe, JUST maybe.. that IS their ultimate equation for brevity
No mistakes.. “just eagle eyed awareness NOW!” 😉 😊 💃