Borrowing brilliance please, amid dust n bones of the collarly kind indeed because She has been meaning to be creatively met with a distinguished type of bare naked beauty
Both he and she shall play with these Invigorating apostrophes Of sentimental Theirs
For these deathly days to make some sort of singular sellable sense again – of complete, and this utterly utmost sober Insinuation
If we will be so great as to let it be so very intermittently entangled within
The scurrying slipknotting shape of the creeping-both-crawling early-pm. …
This especially pre-rearranged time, pl=ease
Let. It. Be = Cloaked n’ affably both dagger-swaggered as well as fair deliciously made-up, until…
The bleed of us which has been put paralysingly upon the eagerness of our travesty-knees
It fondly fuksake falls-both-fails so soon as stereotypically when = practice makes prepare-to-be-perfect again, pretty little lique-terrific lady Of Ours
Ship-to-soliloquy-shore and pressed professionally against
The freeness of a bristle-both-breeze, fair brazen-faced Ocean of Scattercrashing aside/atop/detrimentally-both-instrumentally beneath
… … These fiercely uncommonly juxtasupposed accordions – Been metaphorically speaking if she may let me be so very direly Straight
For just one momentarily-both-extraordinarily felt-tipping moment, which incessantly caters insurmountably towards …
The badgering which occurs dangerously with-in
The Age-Old Box
Of squared-off tricks = This back-biting bubble of conjugational preface which will float forever and pardonably anointed and gently stretched overHead, These exceptional and sacrosanct, prophecy-fulfilling prefects that they were both are still bleating to b-r-e-a-t-h-e – this living, seething thrill-seeking thing that can wholeheartedly transform
The whole-darn-dastardly mothereffing-damn-lotta-them eagle-eyed imbeciles!!
Which all lie desirously both deliriously Inside .. One bloody-n-riotously-riddled, tempestuous little template too many
All of her proportions are off, so mothereffing soft
To his gentlest most tethering t-ouch!!!