Generate the life right from it, only in a complete manner, of course
Be the most original anyone may have ever been
For these words will NEED to stand this test of time you speak so very fondly of
Fiction or reality, who really knows…
Perhaps so much as one all too enticingly fixated upon the other and right back again
This cat will always get to chase its tale – three-sixty degree elation/ demonstration/ outright frustration ’til dipping his beak upon the cream
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Shoulders inside of the air, shrugging the life right from it, not a care and every other care known to any man
There’s that perfect juxtaposition again!
Why not take a mere second, place these hands of yours by your guided side then back together – when two ABSOLUTELY become one
Either way you will always get to play this particularly peculiar, all too prestigious mind-game
More oft than not there will be a million-and-two people – that’s right, not one but two – with a polar opposite fixation all of their very own accordance, to take you on down before ever even getting to stitch these wings of yours in any way imaginable
Try as you might to be the Birdman, make it all rather topical if needs be
Take yourself away from that page, APPLY YOURSELF
Then, and only then, does it really get to begin
You paid for your sins and now it truly is time for you to blow the whole damn thing into the God awful stratosphere
No fear, no more
Trust us, that door is waiting RIGHT NOW

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