Loudly dysfunctional, dirty and largely dumbfounded – roundabout New York pity / gently pervasive, almighty mounds of rushing oceans of  liquid persuasion
The underground, over-bearing misplaced people with malnutrition for sinking, screaming hearts strings, bloody aganoose
Places the trigger-fingered pace of a bare-naked bob each – a piece – to keep it
Deceptively S-w-e-e-t and to one desired side
Of oblong industry
And it appears to be that Benjamin Franklin will still sin by spill of the bleed of the hundred dollar bill
A part of the vernacular. Perished and recklessly thieved away by what’s realistically r-e-a-l
Decidedly, deafeningly, priority-driven and by lucrative way
Of the crazily aside deliriously creative cutthroat d-i-v-i-d-e
He against snide-eyed, righteously, fair dutifully lacking-in-brevity She
Is just about as crystal un-clear as they may well get to let themselves become a day at a perishable time indeed
Tremendously plagiarised to harshly arrive for now and ever forth withstanding the grace of the rifle-led hand
Is it truly an erstwhile moment for the lesser sent well-meaning?
All of it a balanced stream of constant and bullet-arisen consciousness
Hostile people who shall carry with them these weapons for brutalised smiles – a monstrous monotonous mile a minute
Magnanimously well travailed
Here we witness to see these paraplegic-ally played-out towers of treason
It wasn’t easy to smoke one of Woodbine’s finest with the world’s finest firefighters sitting in misshapen place, so, instead, we drank sinking-pills of Xanax one at a terrifically insightful time
Ferociously gentle and hardly that mild amidst a whisky-filtered system of a down n out clarity – breathe happy dear plagiarised people because we are about to turn ourselves upside-down by Evil
The falling man –
Cooked, served, shared and savoured – Capellini with dollops of transatlantic scallops inside
They do say that it is he who is gentrified by decidedly Italian
Safe to sing it and to gently say it again, but weren’t we all just A Gang of Hagrids … undeniably displaced