Substantial and substandard all in one jovial go – why won’t she please please our loose-ended senses? So singular and so very singularly interpersonal, she seems to manage to see something when there is nothing nowhere occurring. A magnificent twist of the writer’s fist and we finally see it, too. The amount of rip-torn words which have stopped and faltered within themselves til remaining endlessly, vividly real. There has to have happened something, don’t you simply think? And she knew it, realising it from the start of singularly suggestive proceedings; an age-range that will appeal to all and sundry. Sundance Film Festival, please, let us back in again. She is more delicate, more dedicated than that of a violin string.


Obviously, this is it.
The thing that she has been singing. About all of these things. The Genesis – physically so far apart, yet singularly together.

That goddamn voice in her head.