My eyes have been blinded by this particular thing and it will need to breathe by a most jovial instance indeed we feed by the uppertrust personality – wish me farewell whilst I glide above and over, gesticulating and abruptly sober

Can we, perhaps, talk about this tiny little thing which still occurs and at outlandishly wonderful face-paced value, we narrowed a bespoke route – chokehold-to-smoulder – all the way forever forth
Binded by supernatural truth

Our fruits sit right here, beautifully preparatory atop bohemian rhapsody stricken ‘n’ strangely, fair terrifically juiced

I have to stand and kneel and propose to suppose a Chilli Peppered feast, roll ‘n’ stroll rather, the ultimate and timely juxtaposition amidst sweet-something\This lethargic and poorly named thing called ‘poetry’ – the skills amidst the wrong medium, per say