Then, there was all of you – weathered and beaten to within an inch
Yet all too willing to bring it all back together again
On a seriously questionable shoe-string
Perhaps in the first place, at least
About to turn itself entirely to feast
Say farewell to your peculiar famine – dried right out and ravenous
This was never going to last
Please, oh please cling to me for my immaculate forgiveness!!
For together – the pair of us – we will weather it right the whole way round
Pound these pretty awe-inspiring pavements, sound everything the whole way out
That memorable pout – honey-soaked and bee-stung – nothing but a prerequisite
Willing to string us along every single time, a heaven-sent instigator of fair affable sorts
We ought to owe it to ourselves and try
Fate played it’s shallow cards and brought us back to normal
Swarm, goddamnit… swarm!!
They said it correct, your mind races like a pronoun
Seems to be I came along to settle you on down

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