Woman on terrifyingly unkind train – all of these alcohol-addled instances seem to be
Killing she rather comfortably in one such manner or another

Shudder to simply think how this unthinkably unkind occurrence happened for her, slurred voice, indecisive choices: haphazardly inexpressive at her vert best

And she lands her tried and tired, bedraggled eyes upon one such alarmingly beautiful blonde-eyed woman, standing right here upon this dancing picket-white balcony
With her handsome husband in seemingly so forever tow – when a perfectly appearing to be rugged man lands all of his roaming hands upon, all over, her capable capacities

Is she holding everything which this wannabe dreamer dreams to have been, sitting at dreadful distance now, once upon a shattered time perhaps per chance per actuality, how she once undeniably was

And then, the unkindest kind of twist in the movie-maker’s tale – snailed pace at first before it all unravels like crazed kinds of distasteful crazy

And these metaphorical metal steel wheels come off via these sparklingly suggestive lies, sliding door instances dragged atop a none too loving and deceitful, pulverizing husband of her very own – homegrown and about to sting her like bat-shit mundane

No less, she will – this defunct and drunkard girl sitting upon estranged entanglement train – have her burgeoning day
Please, simply say it as you will finally, oh so very yearningly get to soberly see it

Some kind of free

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