Of course these gray flecks garner respect, a crazy kind indeed
He may well get to breathe with a rather regretful Marlboro cigarette wedged fair evenly between these chapped lips
Gritting seriously yellowed teeth – stories coated contrarily and all of their own wayward accord
Yet every one of us becomes all too accustomed to his utter genius
Adamant and serene to a point of jaw-dropping awe
He floored the whole degree of jealous competition, one at a dastardly time
Rewind, intricately ’til still all of their pock-marked hearts
Besieged, thieved away oh so serendipitously
When you truly look to win you will indeed win
No real deceit
He manages to shine even when everything else appears to be severely flailing
No mean feat whatsoever
That just the way of the forever able
A star is being born whilst the rest of us cannot but swarm in our very own crazy manner – homegrown
Seems to me he will always need the support though
A relative chink in the armour of those supposedly that little bit better off – a soft underbelly which begs to be constantly caressed
Never, ever left alone

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