A vehicle, all of it, really. This instigated instance of … pure and utterly fabricated bliss – seems she’s been twisting her natural-born rhythm within

The gargantuan aside undeniably grateful underbelly – undertone, speak, please. Bring this play-pretend pen to equalled ZEN, if you matter-of-fact shall

And absolutely can, manage to create a deafening overture which still breathes fair easily – sightly at being suddenly so very sprightly arisen. This is something gathered til gained from nothing so very lively at first

Comfortable decisions

Prone to the author’s oft tethered touch time again – disguised aside riotously, righteously vilified all awhile obviously oblivious to this Thing with ten fingers happenstance-d upon Strong

The manicure of a differing sort altogether

Again – natural-born b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-c-e. If she will let it be so very extracurricular, altogether specially gift-trapped at being disputable, altogether specific

Heavily placed up on upon your back, albeit t’riffic to simply see.

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