They’ve taped her mouth softly shut again and she seems to be: this sporadically spontaneous girl with eyeballs for bullets and bleeding bones for homegrown entitlements

She isn’t even meant to make any such sense, not for a mere eager, even.

What she does is no-one else’s known business, not EVEN when… their self-entitled moods shall attempt

To AltEr Her UnAsHAmeD STaTe of modern-day anticipation: because, you guessed it YET again: she HAD TO HAVE:: Actually steadied said sailing of ship and witnessed its sails RISE and rOmP some-more

“Passionately, please.”
As these gusts of fists of free-falling and goodg*d unIDENTIFIABLE winding winds DO POUR—-
Endlessly atop of HER very next breath.. Set to PERFECTsToRm s-e-e-d:

She is everything and anything and ALL of n-o-t-h-i-n-g all in one go: one e(GO!) and it is all-of-it her, indeed!!

She has been feeling freer than freer than… … FREER THAN f-r-e-e and for all of a momentary minute, actually