Per prioritised and begrudging chance, might we have this next imagined dance – for it seems to appear to be closer to the edges of mysterious reasoning than nearer the comfortable surface

Yet, forever thrilled, instilled, I simply cannot but penetrate the better parts of my lesser person to feel … this untainted upon silken touch of heavenly yours

Recall it all – like clockwork crazy, the taste simply screams out for something surreal
These falsified and rambunctiously awry misgivings plagiarised and realigned by mischievous meanderings of contagiously, courageously creative ours…

I had a fair hunch a while back upon a timed-out yonder
That to take your manicured hand and to manage to sacrilege show you the whole of the strengthening world …
Might just about amount to paramilitary degrees of preposterous everything : cradle-wrapped and strapped fair altogether sizeably within a pair of pretty little pretenders

Like we promised we would, and perhaps should let ourselves be

And, so you do get to finally know it, I am wholeheartedly prepared to remain bolstered right by the freeze-framed brunette blue-hazed hair that stands mightily aloft and proud as punch atop of your breathing beatnik skin

To meet your bohemian brain til we are inflamed/half way there captured by whimsically insane
And all of this gathered and graciously gained and guided by the breakneck brevity of my high-wired disguise

Kindly enthused, entrusted, and forever multiplied by multifaceted derogatory design

Go set a watchman as I amply stretch my miraculous self to the bare bones of my settled being all over again
Just. Say. When.

To make you suddenly mine might just turn out to be so very uncontrollably nice, even if you are utterly unaccustomed to realising the smile-inducing fact that a sin is a sin, is a sin-full of beautifully pondered upon, interruptive and misshapen things …
Of preordained and decidedly hopscotched dreams …

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