1 Indebted to those particular people and prepped to prepare ourselves for Just One Other Movement towards the other side of

Happiness. 2 They were listing the names of these upside down, wound right UP persons and VALIANTLY excusing

Themselves from the equation. 3 It’s been Bernard’s favourite game of prey pretend and Bernice isn’t even appearing all too

High and mighty anymore. 4 She’s been
Another person today. Namely: “a vagabond version of an upside down person. We do not think of her as anything else other than…

5 The one woman who goes and picks herself UP” even WHEN(??) no one else’s been watching.

6 She seemed to STOP(!!) and gain the upper hand AT THE EXACT SAME TIME amidst these people with

Perfectly paralysed minds actually, 7 and he

“Doesn’t really wanna concede himself to the fact that it’s all been backend BELEAGUERING, 8 even when ==

The small people were parcel-wrapping their (very) own beleaguered brains.” 9 Paralysing, Perhaps, themselves into a state of

___ everything seen and EVERYTHING admitted to’ve eventually been… 10 high end

“Pro active AS-HELL(!!) actually.” 11 Seems they were building a castle and constantly calling it

Creative foreplay (ACT)u(ALLY). 12 “AND acting like their own greatest allies” for the sake of saving their own lives