Ultimate pride aside wickedly expressive people who daren’t ever do anything other than to fixate and spontaneously speculate with-in the weight of their tried/n:tested eye-line… pressed immediately right by – the insurmountable scale of this Parisian emblem(ish) for uttermost Universally suggested recreation… when really, well and truly, it gets to meet with this altogether fair romantically insinuated endeavour.

To climb, follow, and measure : is to spectacularly TREASURE ; the trembling wait of unreasonable vertigo, is to go, go … GO!! Silent and untimely into the star-spangled night : With reason aided immediately right by a rather sumptuously displayed ambivalence which gets to lean itself furthermore stillAgainst the soliloquy surface of

Their pretty little prestige, wickedly routine and professionally classified faces … preciously make-up’d, peppered-n:poised to be pressed forever transatlantically windswept and prepped til miraculously met … With this case in point of perfect portraiture, and marvellously aided immediately right by

Pedantic portrayal : persnickety people and willing to wickedly R-E-A-C-H for their next greatest last breath

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