He is a multi-tasker to no end, adamant upon getting it just so
Hopelessly devoted some may say
This smart suit has been pressed to within an inch as has his mind – these memories oh so trivial to admit the least
A respected man in the most open-worded sense, means something else to everyone
A father who will leave a surefire legacy – the kind of which shall cause people to simply nod and falsely smile
The undeniably hard man with a quick word for everyone, his enemies having felt the acidic flavour of his jagged tongue more oft than not
This coffin will go south to a thousand and one silenced sighs of relief, yet he feels all of it
Feels their each and every next gaze reawaken itself ’til fixating upon him entirely
And, now, here his only son stands – black rose in hand
Next in line, trying times indeed

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