This is the angst-arisen ploy to disembark at the stark contrast of a most moist-faced dawn that shall inevitably both invariably send these irretrievable policemen into ultimate and untimely chaotic misbehavings again – beneath the stone-cold surface of the jagged edges of the deep bleeding Red Sea shall lie a faraway, weathered-and-beaten face that shall sadly oneday get to suddenly succumb

To the once-upon-an-uninterruptible surface, here solemnly sits Joe… feather-brained and left problematically Vaudevillian – a villainous man filled to the barking mad brim with felt-tipped poison…

And he’s been vying both trying,

To kiss both cuddle her – courtesy of a favourite best pen… predominantly poison, again.

Near the corners of her cobwebbed dream – only the reach is reactively real

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