This will need to be intrinsically played out, to sizeably amount to something rather otherworldly
Two actors, no waiting
About to place their all in everything – soon as they took to that makeshift stage, waging a most terrific war with words
“How do you like them apples?”
They are on a wing and a prayer, bringing their homegrown experiences into affable play
Two handsome men with pounds inside of their gladrag pockets and nothing else to shake
Delve a little deeper, perhaps
Cause the earth to shatter, these narrow L.A. bank balances to suddenly quake
Then these golddust palms shall enticingly align themselves again and again with your anticipatory hands
Soon as time and perseverance amount to everything stored all too delicately within
And the whole wide world gets to knowing, when these people come to appear in the entirety of their droves before the decade winds itself down – behemoth theatres adoringly besieged, a flipside to Robin Williams’ personality resassuringly thieved away for all of a lifetime
Seems this particular pavement of pipedreams was pounded for seven years straight as fate would have it
‘Til Affleck and Damon finally took all of the plaudits in kind, two wildcard diamonds shining oh so blindingly bright amidst the Boston public rough unequivocally prepared to tough it out

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