Gross overexposure indeed = this barefaced need to square-faced adhere. To all of these invaluably aerobic things – namely so soon as when life’s strange and maniacal endeavours manage to make dilapidated sense again. To sit and wholly treasure her blameless capacity for total freedom would be to rule yourselves versus the cock of the roost.
Yes, please. Let it be … whiskey-led both -fed = against the strength of the bleed-eager early-am.
Slightly askew and begging to remain
Riotously few and far between – both she and inescapably promiscuous he / with the weight of his writerly world pressed affably against the strength of her collaborative chest
… we speak through his implemented mouth-piece
Of us
Whistling between these whispering teeth = begging to be – posthumously peripheral people poised to remain = a stain both beautiful strain of angst-arisen fabric twisted till bleeding inundated amidst
His insistently captivating eagle-eyed existence

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